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"The idea for narnea was born out of a lack of consistent sizing and the desire to have a refreshed wardrobe for each season without buying into harmful and low quality fast fashion practices." 
--Lexi (founder)

Measuring Tape

Solving Inconsistent Sizing

Have a different size in every brand you come across? Maybe even within one brand? It's an unfortunate reality that vanity sizing and the lack of standardization in women's clothing have made finding clothes that fit a trial-and-error process. With narnea, we measure all of our clothes and match them to our universal sizing chart.

Delivering Package

Building Community

We strive to make fashion cyclical. That means forming relationships with shoppers, so we're the go-to when you want to "out with the old." 

Girls with Hats
Variety of Bags

Sustainabilty without Compromise

It’s  difficult to balance wanting to stay up to date with new clothes with not wanting to buy into cheap, low quality fast fashion. narnea facilitates a sustainable economy of people with tasteful styles.

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